Who are we?

We are a small team of passionate individuals who want to give opportunities for young learners to learn English in smaller rural areas in china. We are passionate about language learning and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn English no matter where they are from. We believe in creating a learning environment that captivates students imaginations inspiring them to take their learning out of the classroom and providing them with the structure and support they need to make this happen.


The Experience

There are many opportunities for teaching all over china but working with natural learning you will experience something different. You will get a chance to immerse yourself in Chinese cultural and learn about the people, it's history and experience the natural beauty china has to offer outside of the major Cities. Obviously china has changed dramatically over the past 40 years with cities being built at a rapid rate. Our school is in Jian Ou Nan Pin which is Fujian’s oldest cultural center. Around us there are tea fields, beautiful mountains, and clean air. We are connected to the high speed rail network. with the beautiful mountain ranges of Wu Yi Shan just 20 minutes away and the capital of Fujian Fuzhou just 50 mins by fast train. The costal city of Xiamen is also just 2 hours on the fast train and the international metropolis of Shanghai 4.5 hours so you are never far away from western comforts.
Adjacent to offering an immersive experience we all so offer a package that offers security and benefits quite like no other. We understand that its a massive and daunting decision to uproot yourself halfway round the world and we will guide you every step of the way and once you arrive you will join our small and passionate family helping enrich the life’s of the children you teach. With 2 consecutive day's of per week and paid holidays you will also have time to explore and experience China and the culture and beauty it has to offer.

Classroom methods

Our goal in the classroom is to make our students feel good about themselves and inspire them to want to speak English outside of the classroom. We provide our students with the structure and support they need to do this but inspiring the students is down to our teachers passion encouragement and enthusiasm. We place a great importance on creating a learning centred teaching environment that puts the students needs and experiences at the centre of our learning environment.

When we teach

Below is an example of our teacher’s timetable. you earn a reliable, monthly salary with set hours, rather than the uncertainty of hourly pay and no set wages. You have set office hours to lesson plan. This also means you have the full support of your colleagues when planning your classes and thinking of new ideas. Each lesson has clear aims and objectives, and target language and grammar that need to be covered that day, but you plan how each section will be taught. This can be through team activities, pair work, or an interactive class lesson. This creativity is encouraged and nurtured, after all, no one will know your students better than you.


Working with your teaching assistant

Each class will have a designated Chinese Teaching Assistant (or TA). The TA’s role is to support your teaching by modelling activities, working with groups and individual students, behaviour management and occasionally translating. They are also an essential link to your students’ parents. They keep them informed of their child’s progress and assist with communication between yourself and the parents.  It can be a great partnership that leads to strong friendships which really allow you to learn more about Chinese culture, the language and the people!

Our expectations


Be dedicated to creating the best learning environment and creating exciting and engaging lessons that encourage students on their language journey.


Be able inspire our students to want to take and use their English outside of the classroom.


Be motivated and give your all in the classroom, setting an example to our students as they move on their English Journey.


Be able to adapt to a new environment explore a country and make friends from all over the world.


As we are not based in a major city western comforts are not as readily available . You must be willing to throw yourself into a new culture and be up for experiencing new things every day.  Life in china can sometimes be hard and although we will to do everything possible to make you feel at home you must have that adventurous sprit and be willing to try new things.


It is import to be responsible and remember you will be representing not only the school but your country as well. The people you meet will probably be the first time they've met a foreign so how you behave will leave a lasting impression on them.

Sounds like you? Apply now. 


The Benefits

Completive Salary

We offer a completive salary that will enable you save money and live a comfortable life, especially as we are out of the city your money will go a-lot further.

Free accommodation

A rent-free two bedroom apartment close to your school to share with a flatmate or your partner! If you would prefer to live by yourself just let us know and we be more than willing to help you find a single apartment and will pay 1000 RMB accommodation allowance.

Airport pickup

We will pick you up from the airport when you arrive and depending on what time you arrive put you up in a hotel in Fuzhou before we head for the countryside and the start of your China adventure.

Flight reimbursement 

A total of 8000 RMB, 4000 payable upon completion of six months of your contract, the other 4000 upon completion of your 12 months! If your already in China you will get the same reimbursement.

Residency Permit

We provide you with all the documents and support you need, and all visa costs are reimbursed not leaving you out of pocket as other schools have been known to do.

Free language lessons

Speaking Chinese is not a requirement but it will definitely help to enrich your experience. With that in mind we offer free Chinese lessons to all our teachers to get you engaging with local people as quickly as possible.

Professional development

We are a new school and as we expand there will be opportunities to grow with the company giving you the change to develop and progress in your ESL career

Bilingual Admin

We have staff dedicated to taking care of you making sure your experience runs as smoothly as possible. From having your apartment with internet connection ready and waiting, to opening a bank account, to helping you arrange travel you will be guided and taken care of every step of the way.




Jian'ou is a small city tucked away in the mountains of Fujian province in the heart of tea and bamboo country. Fujian province as a whole is home to some of the finest tea in the world and here you will be sure to try some.

Jian'ou itself is a small city (by Chinese standards) and is the gateway to the Fujian countryside.. There are temples, tea fields and mountains to be explored and the capital of Fujian Fuzhou is only 50 minutes away. You might be interested to know that Jian'ou and Fuzhou were the earliest established territories in the Fujian region hence the name Fujian and the later being Fujian’s oldest cultural centre. Jian Ou Is is connected to high speed rail network so you are never that far away from western comforts. Unlike the bigger cities of Fuzhou and Xiamen (which are wonderful places to visit and to get home comforts) you are going to experience real china whether it be eating the local delicacies or conversing with the fruit and veg sellers you will defiantly see another side to how Chinese people live. (below some pictures of places in Jian Ou)

Jian Ou.jpg
Guangxiao Temple .jpg
Tongxian Gate .jpg
Tea fields 6.jpg
Tea fields 5.jpg
Tea fields 2.jpg
Jian Ou.png
Tea fields 3.jpg


You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers


I can’t speak Chinese. Can I still work at Natural English?

Absolutely. We have bilingual staff to support you while your here. To help you with immersing yourself into Chinese culture we offer free weekly 1.5 hour Mandarin lessons.

Do you accept couples?

Absolutely and you'll get your own 2 bedroom apartment as well.

I’ve taught English overseas before, what opportunities for advancement are there?

We welcome experienced teachers with ambition and do our best to ensure you are suitably challenged with a variety of levels to teach. As we are a new company there will opportunities to grow with the company as more advance positions become available.

When do you hire native English Teachers?

We hire all year round. We also accept applicants who may not be able to begin right away.

How long does it take from application to arrival?

The whole process can take around 2-3 months due to the visa process.

I’m already in China. Will you still pay my flight bonus?

Yes, we will still pay you the full amount the same as any other teacher. And we will also pay you it if you stay for a second year too!

Do you provide housing?

Yes, we provide all teachers with a fully furnished, city centre apartment, fitted with all the modern appliances such as WIFI, AC, TV etc. This comes completely rent free too!

Do you provide medical insurance?

Yes we do. We offer free, basic coverage to all our staff upon arrival. This is usually adequate for most of our staff.

I have more questions, what should I do?

Moving to China is an experience of a lifetime, but it’s also a big decision. We understand it’s hard to figure out which school to apply to, where to live, and imagine what sort of life you will have. If you are still unsure or have any questions, do email us at __________ and we will get back to you.

Contact us

If you have more questions or are interested in applying for a job please press the button below and send us your CV. We look forward to hearing from you.